With 2 million paid song downloads through their site MuleTracks, seven critically acclaimed studio records already released, a handful of DVDs and live albums, plus an ever-expanding fanbase and sold-out coast-to-coast tours, Gov't Mule could easily rest on its laurels. Yet when you're in one of the hardest working bands in rock history, pushing yourself to greater heights always supersedes cashing in on past successes.

Dub Side of the Mule
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Dub Side of the Mule features 3 hours of music including a 45-minute set of reggae songs with special guest Toots Hibbert, leader of Toots & The Maytals. Recorded on New Year’s Eve 2006 at the Beacon Theatre in New York City, the newly mixed and mastered live album is available in a deluxe version (3 CD’s of the entire performance and 1-DVD of the special 45-minute reggae set), along with a standard version (1 CD featuring the reggae set) and a Double Vinyl Version as well.

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In late September of 1999, John Scofield teamed with Gov’t Mule, then featuring original bass player the late Allen Woody, in Georgia for two legendary shows. These shows were recorded with the intention of it being a live release after the studio album Life before Insanity. After the passing of Woody, and the start of The Deep End project, those plans had been set aside. There are no audience recordings from these shows, so this will be the first time that anyone will be able to hear or relive what took place that night. Newly mixed and mastered, Sco-Mule features 2.5 hours of music and will be available as a 2-CD set and as a Double Vinyl Release.

Dark Side of the Mule
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Dark Side of the Mule features 90 minutes of Pink Floyd covers and 3 hours of music and video. Recorded on Halloween 2008 at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston, MA, the newly mixed and mastered live album will be available in a deluxe version (3 CD’s and 1 DVD capturing the full performance) along with a standard version (1-CD of Pink Floyd covers) and Double Vinyl Version as well.

Georgia Bootleg Box
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Having recently been reminded of these 3 shows from '96, and of the fact that they had been recorded and mixed by Doug Oade back in the day, I found myself listening to these recordings for the first time in fifteen years. I was instantly taken with the visceral nature of the music along with the rawness of the way they it was captured. The Mule was barely two years old at this time and what we hear here, along with many songs from our first cd, are the works in progress of many songs that would later wind up on DOSE and in some cases LIFE BEFORE INSANITY. This was at a time in our career when our repertoire was small but constantly growing, not unlike our fan base.

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The first Gov't Mule release featuring the original trio since the passing of Allen Woody. Mulennium also features appearances the legendary Little Milton and long time Mule friend and collaborator Audley Freed.

By A Thread
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By A Thread is the ninth full-length studio album by Gov’t Mule and the first to feature bassist Jorgen Carlsson.

A Tail of Two Cities
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A Tail of Two Cities features complete shows from the last night of their Deja Voodoo Tour on October 15th, 2004 at The Orpheum Theatre in Boston and their first night of the High & Might tour at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago on December 9th, 2006.

Live at Roseland Ballroom
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This New Year's Eve 1995 show is old school Gov't Mule, featuring their late bassist Allen Woody. Originally released in 1996, this re-release contains a previously unreleased version of "Voodoo Chile" featuring Jack Casady and Chuck Leavell recorded at Roseland Ballroom on 10/18/01.

Life Before Insanity
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Dose (Vinyl)
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